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SQL profiles consist of auxiliary statistics specific to the statement.The query optimizer makes estimates about cardinality, selectivity, and cost that can sometimes be off by a significant amount, resulting in poor execution plans.Please notice that you must pass an object id to the 'my workload ordered by elapsed time'); -- execute the resulting task EXEC DBMS_SQLTUNE.EXECUTE_TUNING_TASK(:sts_task); -- create the profile for the sql statement corresponding to object_id = 5. ACCEPT_SQL_PROFILE ( task_name = Examples You can add reference to a SQL tuning set.You then move that staging table to the destination system following the method of your choice (such as Oracle Data Pump, or a database link), where it is used to reconstitute the objects in their original form.The following steps are implemented by means of subprograms included in this package: is created by the database as part of the catalog scripts.This prevents the tuning set from being modified while it is being used.

In both cases, you create a staging table on the source database and populate this staging table with the relevant data.

SQL Tuning Advisor SQL Tuning Advisor is one of a suite of advisors, a set of expert systems that identifies and helps resolve database performance problems.

Specifically, SQL Tuning Advisor automates tuning of problematic SQL statements.

(Note that if a combination of literal values and bind values is used in a SQL statement, no bind transformation occurs.) This is analogous to the matching algorithm used by the This procedure creates a SQL profile recommended by SQL Tuning Advisor.

The SQL text is normalized for matching purposes though it is stored in the data dictionary in de-normalized form for readability.

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