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Random audits are used to evaluate compliance with CME regulations once the renewal is complete.You will be asked to provide transcripts and certificates as evidence of participation.The Board office's licensee database will be updated once you complete the Orientation Questions, and you will also be able to print out a dated confirmation when you are finished. Each reform has served a laudatory purpose and better enabled the Board to achieve its paramount role of protecting the public.The material presented provides an overview of the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (BME), highlighting significant issues, laws and regulations. They enable the public's expectations of quality medical care in New Jersey.Today the State Board of Medical Examiners consists of 21 gubernatorial appointees: 12 physicians, at least two (2) of whom must be osteopathic physicians; three (3) public members; one (1) Commissioner of Health or his/her designee; one (1) executive department designee; one (1) podiatrist; one (1) physician assistant; one (1) bio-analytical laboratory director, who may or may not be an M. In 1983, legislation to improve reporting to the BME was passed. There are different statuses for plenary licenses: Active, Reduced-fee Active, Inactive, and Retired.

The Panel consists of eight members appointed by the Governor - four physicians, three public members, one hospital administrator - and one of the members of the Board appointed by the BME President who is to serve in an ex officio capacity. Existing confidentiality protections were strengthened to provide that information resulting in no action remains confidential. It must ensure that physicians carry mandatory malpractice insurance, (P. You may renew for thirty days after your license expires and pay a "late" fee of 0.

Welcome to the Online Orientation for newly licensed medical practitioners. 45:9-22.21) with the duty to implement the Web-based New Jersey Health Care Profile.

We are making this material available in this format so you don't have to schedule yourself to sit in a five hour orientation session, and can complete this at your convenience. You've probably already received notification about updating your Profile.

Through other legislative initiatives, since 1990, the BME has been required to notify pharmacists of physicians who are not permitted to prescribe controlled substances. (To reinstate from Expired status, licensees pay the 5 reinstatement fee, 0 late fee, and full renewal fees for all renewal cycles in which your license was in Expired status.

To reinstate from Inactive status you will pay the 5 reinstatement fee and the full renewal fee for the current renewal cycle.)If you have completed an accredited graduate medical education program within 12 months prior to licensure, you are exempt from CME requirements for the initial biennial renewal cycle except that within 24 months of initial licensure you must take this Orientation course.

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