Dating myspace survey

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Other companies have established their own in-house social networks, designed to allow employees to get to know one another.And many companies, including How Stuff Works, maintain an official presence or account on social networking sites in order to better connect with users.For instance, whether or not to have a profile photo is a no-brainer: It's pretty much essential."It would be like going into a bar with a bag on your head; people aren't going to come talk to you," Yagan told Live Science."If you're looking straight at a camera for a male, that can be intimidating to a woman," Yagan said."But if someone is looking off past you that can, in many ways, be less threatening and more approachable." For the ladies, while a smile isn't a turn-off, the results suggested she should look straight at the camera with a pouty-face smile.

The results may hold for anyone looking for love, regardless of whether it's digital dating.Some companies have banned the use of social networking sites at work, frequently by blocking access to those sites. There is also a growing movement in some business circles that advocates taking advantage of the social networking phenomenon and using these immensely popular services as a tool to facilitate business.­In the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, candidates have made heavy use of social networking sites, notably to rally supporters, share videos and solicit donations.Peninsula subsequently recommended that companies ban the use of social networking sites at work. With the rise of social networking sites like My Space and Facebook, businesses are voicing concerns that these sites might be slashing away at productivity.Many social networking sites now offer a variety of features, including an online profile, messaging services, video, photo albums, games and more.

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