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Consequently, traditional journalism, the kind practiced at television stations and in print media, has ceased performing that function,” professor Milivojević says.

She adds that these social changes within the media world highlight the significance of independent funding sources in enabling the survival of the media that adhere to standards of integrity.

In contrast to the Prime Minister’s successful business relationship with, and significant interest in, one of KKR’s leading executives, he uses less than friendly tones when communicating with journalists.

Professor Snježana Milivojević says: “There is a paradox here.

Waxing and waning of political fractions inevitably imprints itself on the situation in the media field.As this research was being conducted, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights held a series of public discussions in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad titled “Serbia within Russia’s geostrategic positioning”.The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies published an extensive study titled “Eyes Wide Shut: Russian Soft Power Gaining Strength in Serbia – Goals, Instruments and Effects ”.As it turns out, the cross-border, global dimension of media and their new technological operating platforms are not merely testing regulating capacities, but the entire national media system.Professor Milivojević finds that “these media are simply another demonstration of the local political elites’ ill-preparedness and their lack of understanding of how media are changing.

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