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What are some things that you think people need to know about getting into marketing, using it effectively, that sort of thing? One, human beings are primarily not rational, logical creatures.

We’re primarily driven by our older brains, by our physical, reptilian, lizard brain and by our newer but still very old mammalian, emotional kind of brain.

But we’ll keep it in the area of marketing, and we might wonder off in different areas.

And I remember the day that I printed off the phone numbers of I think it was for sale by owners or expired listings or something, and I was looking at the phone, and I was going to call them on the phone. And now, we’ve got a company with, I think, about 50 employees.

And I got so afraid of picking up the phone; I just sat there looking at it, feeling this dread, that I just went home and went to bed. We do -million or -million a year in sales of information products. Me and Dean were both there, wearing our snazzy little outfits, because you didn’t want anyone wearing traditional wedding garb.

Before there was mass communication medium, before there was the written word, we just talked to each other one-to-one, or maybe one to a group.

So, we had to convince people to buy one at a time, or maybe in small groups. You know, I like that definition, though, because it’s packaging.

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