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This lack of attention created inconsistencies in research and research that generalizes abuse across cultures often does not mention those who are marginalized.

(Chester et al, 1994) In addition, much of the literature makes non-dominant groups homogeneous.

Although marriage has a protective effect on men, it has been found to be "detrimental for women in terms of both mental and physical health".

(Hare-Mustin 1991) Biases in Literature The major sources of data on woman abuse have not included world majority women including immigrant, native, lesbians and older women.

It also diminishes a woman's ability to care and provide for her children and to participate in the work force.Women's right to vote is a recent phenomenon historically.In medical research, the male body has been the norm.It would seem appropriate therefore to define tradition as a social custom passed down from one generation to another through the process of socialization.Traditions represent the beliefs, values and ways of thinking of a social group.

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