Xp mapped network drives not updating

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For this reason, Alfresco recommends using Web DAV only as a network drive on Windows XP and above for full Web Dav access.

If you try to connect to Alfresco using Web DAV mapped as a network location, you may see an error when trying to open files from different applications for editing.

If you add a file to any of the directories on the mapped drive and then refresh your browser, the added file will also appear in the corresponding space in .

With Java Script enabled, you can provide feedback to us using our simple form.

Here are some instructions on how to enable Java Script in your web browser.

Unlike USB drives where you would access the drive through a drive letter, accessing the contents on the Ready NAS is slightly different.

You still have an option to access your Ready NAS content using a drive letter, but you will need to manually “map” a drive letter to your content.

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