Suse dns not updating

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The order directive in this file specifies whether you are going to use hosts files and, if so, where to look first.

Do system administrators still use hosts files to provide name resolution services? Although editing the hosts file to define mappings is relatively uncomplicated, using hosts files has two major shortcomings.

However, this option would be a support nightmare for your typical network users.

Could you imagine how many help-desk calls you would get?

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It wouldn't be easy, but as soon as you memorized a list of frequently used IP address, you could probably get by.

On a modern IP-based network, users take for granted the fact that they can access local network and Internet resources using easy-to-remember domain names instead of IP addresses.

I doubt that a single work day goes by that the typical employee doesn't access some website with a URL that uses a domain name, such as

First, maintaining hosts files on a small network is somewhat feasible.

However, if a network gets very large at all, it becomes an impossible task.

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