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Something strange and unsettling had recently happened, an unforeseen event that none of them had control of, and had been suddenly smacked in the face with in its new and unannounced presence. She wasn't telling them when they went out for dates, what happened on these dates, if they had kissed, what he was like. "Then why does this say "Glaceon and Vaporeon are close because Vaporeon, as you know, is Water type, and Glaceon's Ice. " Daisy tried."." Misty growled, before turning to stomp back to the living room.The girls weren't tearing at each other's throats over a top one had taken from the other, or an unwarranted hair accessory use, or sparking a jealousy war by a shared crush between them. Above all else, she wasn't telling them who it was, and that one little juicy bit was the coin that tipped their scales to throwing the three Sensationals off their rocker. The two types are closely..a minute, that's not romantic! Misty finally snatched it back, "Bill was helping me on on the latest news on that evolution for Eevee, Glaceon! The excitement they had harbored minutes before was promptly shot down."And I'm not a runt! ""Nope."Daisy slumped in her chair while Violet drilled Misty.She was going to milk every little juicy bit of information that she could get! " Misty cut in, grabbing her boyfriend by the arm, "No time! " Misty explained through strained teeth as her small figure tried, with varying results, to push Lance's much bigger and stronger form out the door as quickly as possible.We got to go before everybody in town plus their mother creates tyranitar-sized lines! It was quite the sight."But so soon, we haven't even-""Nope, gotta go!

A chorus of wails met their confused, youngest sister while a vicious tide of wind suddenly blew past, making all four sister's hair and clothes whip uncontrollably until it settled just as fast.-o00o-"Blonde? Lily and Violet still bullied and teased the heck out of Misty, and occasionally Daisy joined in, and it was only in the past couple of months that they had begun trying to be better for the youngest Waterflower, and each other.

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A bulldozing train of discord had wormed its way into the lives of the Sensational Sisters. But no matter how hard they dug, teased, interrogated, or pried, their youngest was tighter-lipped than a Cloyster's shell. she wasn't telling them when she had met this special man.

Oh no, this unsettling chaotic turn of events that had wiggled into their midst was one of far greater proportions, one that had thrown Lily's usual brand of affectionate bullying off-center, Violet unable to properly concentrate to put on her makeup and fix her hair, and Daisy at a loss for words. It was driving each of them absolutely nuts over the mysterious lover their sister had finally acquired, and Misty knew it. Sometimes she was simply picked up from their door, but every time Violet or Lily blazed out of the door to catch them, Misty and her date were no where in sight, save for the small shape distantly in the sky and the wind from their departure whipping at Violet and ruining her hair. Then Misty allowed her palm to hit her smack in the face, "Bill, as in the guy near the Cerulean Cape, by the lighthouse. I was wondering about evolving our new Eevee egg into it or Vaporeon, but I wanted to make sure about their types so that it wouldn't be against the rules of our gym.! " Misty's voice called.-o00o-Misty had left for a date again. This was going to take awhile."You forgot Red." Lily later reminded Violet.

Once it hit them that it wasn't the little trouble-magnet boy with his pikachu, suddenly an unsettling, insatiable curiosity had invaded their minds.

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