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Summary The transition to adulthood is often viewed as a period where young people move by stages into adult roles.

The years after age 18 offer an opportunity for young people to become increasingly independent from their parents.

This article explores the transitions that young people make on their way to adulthood.

The number of transitions that a young adult has made is a rough indicator of their progress toward adulthood between ages 18 and 34.

Has children – has never-married children living in the same household.

Age 18 is often viewed as one of the milestones passed on the way to adulthood. It is the age at which many young adults prepare to leave high school and explore other educational or work opportunities.

Five markers of the transition to of adulthood are examined: leaving school, leaving home, working full-year full-time, finding a conjugal partner and having children.

These markers of adulthood are snapshots taken on the Census reference dates and do not represent completed or irreversible social changes: they simply record the state of transition young adults were in on those dates.

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