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Style fits the space Although bohemian decor shares similar attributes, each home reflects its inhabitants' personal flair."Well, we don't really know if our style is considered 'bohemian' but when you think about it, bohemiam is a very broad term that can really work with any place that has a lot of light, colors or a certain energy," says Emily Erickson, 26, of Fargo."We play with light a lot. "We are adorning the room with vintage items but then we just play off those vibes."De Leon uses unconventional items like an old reel-to-reel projector for wall art by his record player.

The couple enjoys intentionally crafting each room with specific colors, matching the color to each room's purpose, like the cool colors in the bedroom.

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In her kitchen, Eden chose deep green mid-century chairs paired with a light brown, naturally stained table built by her husband."I had lot of bohemian stuff, but I very carefully selected the items I brought into this house since it's about 100 years newer than our previous home," Eden says."Having live things around — whether it is a cactus or ivy — makes things feel comfortable," Erickson says.April Knutson is lifestyle-focused journalist producing stories for the Forum News Service about people, health, community issues, and services. If you're not a fan of the macrame, Seibold says you can add texture by hanging a rug."I have used a rug as small as 3 by 4 inches for a wall hanging before," Seibold says.Because of its antique roots, boho style often features vintage furniture and home decor.

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