Adult web cam exchange

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Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to receive subscription payments for the work that they do.It's a way of connecting individuals and small businesses with paying audiences, from news websites and You Tube channels through to activists and educators.Live Stars´ platform uses its own token “LIVE” as a form of the payment for services rendered. The users can buy the token on the platform using the built-in API for a quick exchange to the popular cryptocurrencies at the current rate of exchange.The token will also be available at cryptocurrency exchanges, and the users will have the opportunity to make a direct transfer to their own Live Stars wallet in their users’ accounts.Patreon has always been against pornography, but the site's previous content policy covered the matter in very broad-brush terms.Creators were asked to flag their content as not safe for work, but otherwise there was a wide latitude as to the material published.There will also be an appeals process, and users will have personal guidance from a Patreon employee to help them get their page reinstated.

Which is to say that producers of pornography and sex workers more generally have always been "operating outside of the Community Guidelines." The decision will leave a number of sex workers looking for yet another way to secure payment for their labor.Of course, it's very hard to determine what is pornography and what is artistic, and the goalposts are shifting on a near-daily basis.But the gray area that the company previously allowed has now been erased with a far more proscriptive policy.Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform with a different business model based on the exclusion of intermediaries and automating all the processes.Implementation of the smart contracts in the business logic and financial platform segment provides a more effective, safe, and convenient interaction between users, models, affiliates, and the platform itself.

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