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This song is a call for an eye opening, with references to the filmed 1st moon landing @ Universal Studios by Stanley Kubrick. You wouldn't want to know but Corey Feldman talks about it. Do a little research even if @ 1st it seems far fetched. He hated mainstream concepts, which is what this song is basically about.Also referencing the elite who would definitely have reason to "praise control of population". Movies & tv shows are written to reveal things to us all the time. Then when it said "spheres" it could mean a variety of things.

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The obvious point is that the peppers consider "Station to station" to be one of the most important works in popular music....which of course it is. The Dorothy Stratten suggestion makes a lot of sense, but the reference to unicorn may also be dealing with this piece of the lifestyle community. I just want to add my little "something" to the discussion!The "celebrity skin" line is obviously about Courtney.Of course, the line that says "Cobain." Then there is an entire verse "Destruction leads to a very rough road But it also breeds creation And earthquakes are to a girl's guitar They're just another good vibration And tidal waves couldn't save the world From Californication." I think this whole verse is about Kurt and Courtney; how the destructive lifestyle they led was the very thing that made him great and that nothing could save him from himself.omg, i think i figured it out.The music have a very strong character, it's simple but have notes that really come from the heart and blends well with the strong and sharp meaning of the lyrics.. 4 thumbs up; other two come from my friend :=)anthony keidis first got the idea for the song on holiday in india were he was recognized on the street and he saw RHCP shirts for sale on the street and he realized how american culture has penetrated nearly every country in the word Well Mel i am from California and lived there for many years and i dont think anyone thinks of Cali like that at all.This song is just saying how most people give they're souls away for this belief that being famous is the top of everything in the world.

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