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Written by the writing team of Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Paul Feig, the episode originally aired on NBC on April 10, 2008.Guest stars in the episode include Beth Grant, Steve Seagren, and Gary Weeks.Grant praised Carell's improvisational skills—noting that "he just keeps going off script [and that he] is channeling something"—as well as Wilson's humorous antics while acting.Michael also tries to get his team to guess Tom Cruise, to which Jim answers Katie Holmes and Dawson's Creek to purposely throw Michael off.Season 2 premieres Monday, October 16 at 10 PM on VH1."Dinner Party" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of the American comedy television series The Office—the show's sixty-sixth episode overall.Throughout the evening, Jan plays a song by her former assistant, Hunter.

Michael then proceeds to invite Jim and his girlfriend Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) to join him and his girlfriend Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) for dinner at his condominium after Jim had previously turned him down nine times.

Jan's dominance in the relationship is apparent from the living arrangements; Michael sleeps on a small bench due to Jan's "space issues", and his sole comfort is a very small "plasma TV," which he bought for 0.

It is also later revealed that Michael underwent three vasectomies in the course of trying to please Jan.

Michael also invites Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) and Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey), but excludes Angela's former boyfriend Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), much to Dwight's dismay.

On a tour of the condominium, Jan shows the workspace from which she runs her candle-making home business.

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