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it was sold as 2nd factory products in the outlet store of the factory.

Being 2nd quality was shown by making a scratch over the stamp, which can be felt by the tip of a nail or seen from the right angle.

In trade on the 2ndary market it makes no difference if the figurine is mint.

When the industrial production of the B&G dinnerware reach a certain level, a marking system was invented.

: Denne side har en ssterside p dansk med porcelnsstemplerne fra Bing & Grndahl - hvor en del af de samme oplysninger findes med dansk tekst. Oversigt med billeder - klik p billedet for at se strre billede.

Other flaws that so to speak had happened to the item during the years are less acceptable and has nothing to do with an item being a 2nd quality: A hairline is a thin crack line in the glaze. The overglaze colors and gold can be worn due to age and use and an item can have been restored after breakage or chips.Together with the new patterns from the 1960s like Azur, Rune and Cordial, it became a successful business both for export and the home market.In the early 1970s when B&G took over, the pattern Tema became the most sold tableware in Denmark.: It is possible to date pieces from Bing & Grondahl porcelain looking at the factory mark at the base. Also I found that at least on Christmas plates in the 1960s there seems to be some mix up of the back stamps.B & G, Bing & Grondahl refer to the founders: Fred. Grndahl (1819-1856), technical director; the brothers M. On figurines with less room for the stamp - the different partial markings make it even harder to date the pieces.

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