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However, it is statistically-proven that the majority of people will embark upon a dating/courting relationship in their lifetime.

When scripture was written, there was no such thing as Christian dating sites on the internet.

Again, the aforementioned examples are just to give you an idea; but, perhaps it would be helpful to make a list of your own that is unique to you.

Also, it is important not to model your dating relationship after Hollywood or the world’s standards.

Some questions to ask yourself before embarking upon a relationship is: Also, it is important to assess your reasons and purposes for wanting a dating/courting relationship.

You must evaluate if your motives are pure or if they are impure. ” 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “…for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” If your motives are pure and if you are in a good spiritual condition to date/court then ask the Lord to guide you to the next step.

For starters, each person involved in a potential relationship must first be balanced and know who they are in Christ.

You can go to any supermarket check-out lane in America and see magazines teaching various ungodly “flirting techniques” or ways to get a male to lust.

Modesty matters, not only in our dress but in our actions.

David recently wrote on the couple's website, "About 10 years ago, Brodie and I dated for the first time after my father encouraged me to consider her as a potential wife.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a strong desire to be married at that time and I was about to make a career transition as well.

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    Meyers, Patricia, and Mindy had started to smoke crack cocaine together. Mindy quickly developed an addiction to the drug, which caused her to drop out of high school. In late 2004, Patricia sought and received a protective order against Meyers that required him to move out of their Davenport home. While there are also significant differences between rape and illegal contracts, the doctrines may be nevertheless helpful as a guide for conceptualizing the important freedom of each individual to consent to sex that is protected by Iowa Code chapter 709. This statutory element considers all circumstances that establish actual nonconsent, including any psychological circumstances particular to the participants. In assessing the evidence in this case, we note section 709.4(1) does not require evidence of both force and lack of consent, but one or the other. Nevertheless, meaningful consent is the important inquiry, and this inquiry normally takes into account circumstances indicating any overreaching by the accused, together with circumstances indicating any lack of consent by the other person. Hutchison, rendered an opinion based on the facts and inferences from the evidence established at trial that a person in Mindy's situation would have been unable to consent to a sex act with Meyers. W.2d 370, 374–75 (Iowa 1997) (recognizing evidence of battered women's syndrome from expert is admissible to show psychological reason for victim's recanting of accusation and refusal to testify against defendant); see also State v. W.2d 333, 338 (Iowa 1997) (holding expert witnesses “may express opinions on matters explaining the pertinent mental and physical symptoms of the victims of abuse” if expert testified about the effects of the victim's mental condition on her ability to tell the truth); State v. W.2d 1, 6 (Iowa 1989) (approving expert testimony linked to an explanation of PTSD and the typical reaction of a rape victim); State v. W.2d 231, 234 (Iowa 1986) (noting in third-degree sex abuse trial that “there seems to be no question about the potential of psychological evidence in the present case to assist the trier of fact[, and] [t]he victim's lack of mental capacity is ․ key element in the crime charged”). Based on the history between Meyers and Mindy, together with the expert testimony at trial assessing all the surrounding facts and circumstances in this case, we conclude substantial evidence supports the finding by the district court that the sex acts were performed at a time when Mindy was unable to consent to sex with him.

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