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Some vessels, like the teapot above, may seem pretty close to complete, but are missing key structural pieces.

Trying to reconstruct these partial vessels may lead to stress in new areas of the vessel, and new fragmentation.

The Canton porcelain serving dish above had already been partially reconstructed, so locating additional pieces was pretty exciting.I have to say that after staring at bits of glass or ceramic for a few hours you get surprisingly good at noticing subtle differences in glass color and thickness, shades of white, unusual features like inclusions and bubble formation patterns, subtle surface striations formed during the bottle-blowing process, or even how a particular glaze spalls or crackles.Even the way different fragments of glass exhibit signs of glass disease provide clues to possible vessel matches.In cases like this, it’s better to photograph the temporarily reconstructed vessel as we’ve done above.We then store the sherds as we would any others, after removing all the blue tape and any trace of adhesive, and then making notes in the catalog records so that future researchers will know that the pieces are associated.

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