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We don’t tend to do a lot of object reconstruction here in the NMSC Archeology Lab, but every now and then something comes along that needs just a little bit of extra love and we get to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.It might be a teacup that’s broken in half and is interesting enough for research or exhibit, or it might be significantly easier to date and catalog the artifacts if we can see them as relatively complete vessels.As an aside, porcelain is probably one of the dreamiest materials to mend.

To reconstruct it, all those smaller pieces had to be put back into quarter sections, and then the quarters merged to halves, and then the two halves fused back into a mostly complete vessel.Unlike those 5000 piece puzzles, where you start by creating the outside “frame,” when reconstructing a vessel it’s important to rebuild it from the inside out.In evaluating the sherds it’s possible to see in what order the vessel was broken, and they will need to be mended in reverse order to make certain they fit back together.Mending was easy, since the intact partial reconstruction did not obstruct any of the rediscovered sherds.This Canton platter was less complete, but we were able to find some of its other pieces amongst a sea of blue and white Canton porcelain sherds.

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