Ben barnes dating gossip

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Alas, it wasn't picked up by any network or streaming service. Seems it made him lose weight but not gain any muscle. Meanwhile Kaz is wolfing down his burger looking ready to get another. You might want to see that, but have doubts the writers want to write it. Since you don't know anything about BB's private life, all we know is that actors are very busy during the year that talking of "hobbies" sounds pretty ridiculous.

)R37 I never ruled out the possibility he's gay or bisexual, but hard to think the total gayness, my opinion. I don't know how I feel about him Ben being asexual isn't so farfetched when you consider we can't find a single person who will claim to have slept with him! I don't buy into the asexual theory just because it's so statistically unlikely. There was a conspiracy theory that it was Jack and Tamsin who were the real couple but agents wanted B and T for publicity. I won't feel sorry for him, he knows what he's getting into. Nothing that could imply any shady doings on Ben's part!

Doesn't change the fact that IMDb is totally unreliable for this kind of info until after the show airs.

I'd be happy if he was only in 4 -- that'd be 9 fewer hours of my life I'd have to waste watching The Punisher! For once I'm glad of Netflix's policy of dumping an entire series at once.

This article doesn't make it sound as if BB is moving to NYC."I’ve never spent more than three days in my life in New York, but now I’ve been here for seven months," Barnes said. "Reading this about Jeanine Garafalo and the men she's slept with who wouldn't have dated her publicly, reminds me of Ben and his Alterna-Girl on the set of Killing Bono.

She didn't fit the image he or more likely his agents, thought the public would want Prince Caspian dating. I still think A-G is the most authentic evidence of BB's being straight or bi. Confirming two things we've discussed here, yes he still lives in LA and he's entrenched in the LA lifestyle.

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