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Each day, Warden Poon visits the disgraced and ruthlessly insults him.

Iroh simply takes it quietly, concerning himself more with food than anything else.

I suppose I should touch on that point first: I can’t help seeing myself in the character of Sokka.You know, fill out the characters and the general mythology that has to stay intact, and then WOOPS WE’LL JUST DO WHATEVER WE WANT. (Though…oh god, what if that .) There’s a difference between an episode that’s not heavily serialized, one that’s poorly written, and what could possibly constitute as genuine filler, and I think it’s important to make that distinction.Someone on my Tumblr dash mentioned there were too many “filler” episodes in season three, and placed prominently on that list was “Sokka’s Master.” Now, I’m at a point where I just want to scream at them WHAT EPISODE DID YOU JUST WATCH BECAUSE THAT WAS .But the following morning, Sokka is still sulking, having resigned himself to the reality that despite what he does offer Team Avatar, he is ultimately useless in the the upcoming invasion.How is map reading or schedule-making going to help anyone once they reach the Fire Lord?

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