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The frenetic accumulation of sexual partners, their property and spawning of both “legitimate” and illegitimate children with some of them–a kind of predatory consumption and collection of human beings–takes the place of any emotional depth and of any worthwhile life achievements.The most psychopathic among them are so heartless and callous that they , once they devalue and discard the women who gave birth to them.For those individuals he fosters isolation from meaningful relationships (while simultaneously encouraging promiscuity) and cultivates an “us” versus “them” mentality.

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All his efforts, under no matter what guise, represent investments designed to satisfy his immediate wishes and desires.” (2) But even this doesn’t fully capture the outlandishness of the psychopathic mindset.

We might as well call it a “psychopath-think,” since such individuals have their own language.

It is a language of narcissism; a delusional doublespeak.

“Freedom” too is a meaningless concept, given that his main goal is to trample on the freedom and rights of others.

He intends to control and harm others: control by harming them, to be precise.

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