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This is reported in the two Saheeh books of hadeeth. There are special conditions and rulings which are restricted to Jumu`ah only, such as residence, Khutbah, etc. Giving Sadaqah (charity) on that day is preferred to giving it on any other day. In paradise, the believers will see Allaah and visit Him on Friday. It is the best day which Allaah has chosen from the days of the week, just as he has chosen Ramadan as the best of the months and Laylat al Qadr (the night or power) as the best of the nights and Muhammad as the best of His creatures. It is Makrooh (undesirable) to observe fast on it alone as mentioned in many authentic hadiths. The Khutbah of Jumu`ah should basically include stating the pillars of belief, that is belief in Allaah, his Angels, His books, His Messengers, in the Last Day; the mention of paradise and the Hellfire; the bounty and everlasting pleasures which Allaah has prepared for his servants and friends; and the punishment and everlasting torture that He has made for His enemies who disobey Him.

Scholars of the past and present have stressed the importance of the Khutbah of Jumu`ah and its great effect on Da`wah to Allaah, provided that it is employed properly and the orator fulfils the following conditions: 1.

As a result they will lead a righteous life as Allaah says which means: “(Namely) those whose lives the angels take in a state of purity, saying (to them), “Peace be on you; enter ye the Garden, because of (the good) which ye did (in the world).”” (Al-Nahl: 32).

Also, He says which means, “And find in their Hereafter nothing but goodn ess.”(An-Naba’: 36).

It has five distinguishing characteristics: By Sheikh ‘Abdullaah Saeed A’iash, Makkah First Khutbah All praise and thanks are due to Allaah.

Increase your prayers upon me as your prayers upon me will be presented to me” The people said: “O Messenger of Allaah, how will our prayers be presented to you when you have passed away?

” He said: “Allaah has prohibited the earth from eating the bodies of the Prophets”.

In it is a time when Allaah gives to a Muslim servant standing in prayer whatever he asks for” You should know, servants of Allaah, that it was the practice of your prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam to honor this day and hold it in high esteem by performing certain acts of worship on it alone. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam used to recite in the Morning prayer on Friday Surat Alif-Lam-Mim As-Sajdah’ (Chapter 32) ‘Surely there came over the man a time’ (Chapter 76) (Muslim, Abu Daawood, Tirmithi, Nasaa’i & Ahmad). It is preferred to pray for Allaah’s blessings on the prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam during the day and night of Jumu`ah as the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “Make many prayers upon me during the day of Friday and the night of Friday” (Al-Bayhaqi). The performance of Jumu`ah prayer which is among the most important Islamic obligations and among the greatest gatherings of Muslims and he who neglects it Allaah will seal their hearts from accepting the guidance. The command of performing ghusl on this day is stressed heavily. Putting on perfume on this day, which is given preference over applying it on any other day of the week. It is reported that the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “Whoever performs ghusl on Friday after having sexual intercourse with his wife[1] and then goes early to the mosque and attends from the beginning of the Khutbah and draws near to the Imaam and listens to him attentively, then Allaah will give him the full reward of fasting the days of a year and observing night-vigil on its nights for every one of his steps” (Musannaf, Ahmad) 17.

On Friday, one’s sins are expiated, for it is reported in the authentic hadith that one who attends Jumu`ah will be forgiven for what is between the Jumu`ah (and the next) Jumu`ah as long as he avoids grave sins. The Blazing fire is kindled to intensify its heat everyday, except on Friday. In it is a time when Allaah gives to a Muslim servant whatever he asks for.

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