Vms updating an indexed file

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You can view snapshots and checkpoints for a virtual machine on the Checkpoints tab in the virtual machine properties.For a complete listing of indexed file types, see File Types That Are Indexed During a Library Refresh.To add additional library shares later, you can use the Add library shares action, available in Library view.

If you need an immediate refresh, you can manually refresh an individual library share or all library shares on a library server by selecting the share or server in the Library view of the VMM Administrator Console and then clicking Refresh share.This option is discussed in detail a little later in this topic.During library refreshes, the following types of files are added to available resources in Library view: virtual hard disks (unless attached to a stored virtual machine), virtual floppy disks, ISO images, answer files, and Power Shell scripts.After the virtual machine has been imported, there are no actions that a VMM administrator or self-service user can take on a configuration file.For this reason, the configuration file is not displayed.

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