Perfect dating tips

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Yes, every mobile is filled with quite a few numbers of frames and there are apps that can be used to change the backdrop as well, but why put in so much effort when you can make your profile picture wonderful without editing it?Rather than opting for fake frames, take the help of nature and choose natural settings.Your right and left sides are not created to be equal and so it is best to find the right angle for your body that makes you look slimmer and prettier.

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Clicking pictures of places may not be difficult, but capturing the charm and allure of a person requires a lot of expertise. Even when taking your own picture, there are certain rules that you should follow to make your picture worth displaying.

Make sure when getting ready to click a snap especially for uploading on social media, clear up the background.

Keep the backdrop perfectly clean so that nothing ruins your perfect profile picture.

Even when planning to go for a complete body shot, make sure you tilt to your “right’ side and bend your knee a little while placing one leg in front of the other one do get some wonderfully “smart” photos.

This little can give you stunning snaps with having to waste your precious time on Photoshop.

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