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He wasn’t the first man to recommend Wallace, but he’s the last whose suggestion I pretended to consider.

So while I’ve never read a book by Wallace, I’m preemptively uninterested in your opinion about it.

Joking about this phenomenon, however, doesn’t make it .

Small, liberal arts colleges are spawning ground for Wallace fans; mine was no exception. If they actually read it they’d see that Wallace is a poseur.” Despite this relatively sick burn, I wanted to know for myself.

He once forced me to do cocaine by shoving it inside me during sex.The book opens with a seventy-nine-word story called “A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life.” The title’s attempt at humor through grandiosity instinctively annoyed me, but I related to the narrative: a pathetic interaction between three desperate people hoping to be liked. “Hits too close to home, but is absolutely riveting.” As a story, “The Depressed Person” is deeply claustrophobic: I’ve never read anything that made me feel as inextricably trapped inside depression’s bell jar, including .I had to take many breaks while reading this thirty-two-page story to replenish my own levels of sanity.Now, the male editor of this website has asked me to read Before I started, my boyfriend (who’s read everything Wallace has ever written, but has never recommended him to me) lifted the book off my bedside table. “You’re going to Reading these stories felt like being a tourist in the incubation tanks of other writers I know.I recognized narrative structures, stylistic idiosyncrasies, a detached anguish. The first story to really stick with me was “The Depressed Person.” “Wallace writes depression the way Jason Molina sings it,” my friend Nat wrote to me in 2012.

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