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Meanwhile, I sincerely wish each of you a happy and holy Christmas season and many blessings in the New Year. They also sell ice cream cooked on the stove that takes two days to make. The front of the store is the sales area, where they also sell hats and aprons with the Smith Island Baking Company logo.

Best, Charlotte People come in the shop from all over including Washington State, Hawaii, and a lot from Pennsylvania, Donna said. What I especially like is that from the sales area, you can see the whole cake making process through a huge plate glass window overlooking the plant.

She served “an exquisite lunch” with oysters cooked every way possible and also beef, barbecue, several different salads and many other fixings.

Also glad to hear about the upcoming visitor brochure…that was one of the first things I looked at when we came to Crisfield for the first time.

That’s how my husband and I found Crisfield—we camped one weekend at the park and on the Saturday we were there, said let’s go see what Crisfield is!

I’ve spent my whole life in Maryland and had never heard of Crisfield.

Some left on Sunday and others stayed until Tuesday, but all had a terrific weekend.

Not only did they enjoy the food and activities, but the people they met in town were “very friendly and helpful.” It shows that people will come great distances for these kinds of foods and activities in Crisfield.

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