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YGEX operates as a joint-label venture between the two companies.

Since the partnership, YGEX has already released Japanese material for: GD&TOP, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, and Daesung.

YG first expanded into the foreign market with SE7EN, in a partnership with Nexstar Records, a Nippon Columbia label that managed Japanese releases for him.

In 2008, Big Bang signed a 3-year exclusive contract with Universal Music for the promotion and distribution of their Japanese Releases.

YG is an abbreviation for “Yang Goon”, a nickname given to the Executive Director Yang Hyun Suk.

0 million (2012) YG Entertainment was founded by Yang Hyun Suk, former member of Seo Taiji and Boys and his brother Yang Min Suk in 1996.

However, Wheesung felt neglected and left the company in 2006. Big Bang debuted as the youngest group at the time (average age of 17) with lukewarm reception.

They have had partnerships with M-Boat Entertainment, Eun Gun Entertainment, Yamazone Music, and Booda Sound.

There was also a noticeable increase in promotional activities in Japan.

Seungri and Daesung were also given the opportunity to host their own Japanese programs.

Headed by Sean of Jinusean and wife YG actress Jung Hye Young, YG Entertainment is heavily involved in their community service campaign WITH.

The company pledged donate 100 won for every album sold, 1% of all merchandise sales, and 1,000 won for every concert ticket, to charities.

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