Double your dating chapter 1

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There is another slave in need of correction so returning her slave to the cage she goes out to collect him.

Before long Madame Catarina returns with a hooded and cuffed victim who is soon forced to strip naked and kiss her shoes.

The slave’s cock is restrained and Madame Catarina subjects his balls to cruel nipple play, face slapping and a relentless kicking with both her shoes and stockinged feet.

The slave is made to stand and the cock restraint removed and Madame Catarina’s fun can begin in earnest and very soon he is writhing on the floor in agony.

Madame Catarina decides to teach the slave a lesson he will never forget and removes him from the whipping bench to give his cock and balls a severe caning before caning his sore and reddened butt.

When satisfied he has learnt his lesson he is unceremoniously dismissed and his owner is informed.

When satisfied all is to her satisfaction the slave is sent for a bottle of sparkling wine which of course he messes up and when eventually Madame Catarina has everything she needs for a relaxing bath the slave butler is blindfolded, the nipple clamps attached and he is used as a human towel rail.

Satisfied that his ball are suitably filled with juice Madame Catarina decides it would be fun to milk her slave with her feet so he is released from his device and made to cum for his Mistress before being forced to suck and lick his cum from his Mistresses feet before being dismissed.: Leather Goddess and sadistic Mistress, Madame Catarina has decided to have a cigarette after inspecting the work of her slave butler in her saloon.

The butler is summoned, naked apart from his chastity device, collar, hood and gag.

Whilst Madame Catarina takes her bath she decides how best to punish her incompetent butler by using him as a human ashtray but the stupid slave cannot tell the difference between up and down so a clamp is fixed to his tongue to show him the difference and make him a more usable ashtray.

Madame Catarina then allows the butler to clean her feet with his mouth and tongue before deciding to inspect his chastity device.

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